Did You Know?

Week 1 – God Created the World | handout
Week 2 – God Loves You A Lot | handout
Week 3 – Lights! Camera! Actions! | handout
Week 4 – Spiritual Bankruptcy | handout
Week 5 – Jesus is the only way | handout
Who Created Did You Know?

There is so much information in the world about all kinds of topics – the limit of the number of Saltine crackers a person can eat in under one minute, how to massage your cat properly, you name it! Today more than ever, kids are being exposed to so many ideas from so many sources – teachers, friends, TV shows, movies, video games, books, magazines, the internet, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, most of the available information in the world is not congruent with each other – this provides ample opportunity for thought (not always a bad thing), but also a lot of confusion.

This CityLight season, we hope to be able to share some core truths from the Bible with your kids in their devotional time during practices, and send them home with information about these topics that you and your child can learn about together. Contrary to popular belief, science and the Bible are not inherently opposed to one another. In fact, many scientific discoveries have been made by men who believed the Bible was true, and that it was their responsibility to discover the truth of the world around them (Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, even Francis Bacon who developed the Scientific Method, to name a few).

Many people have grown up hearing, “Faith is blind; you have to believe without seeing.” You know where this quote comes from? Not Jesus. God has provided ample evidence to support His existence from the beginning of time, and there are very strong apologetics to prove the legitimacy of the claims of the Bible. We hope to help encourage your children (and you!) in having a firm foundation on which you can trust the Bible in the face of the many opposing theories that exist in the world today.