The cheer season begins in January, and concludes in the middle of March.  Registration opens in October.  Practices for the 17-18 season begins the week of January 1st, with the first game on Saturday, January 13.  The registration cost is $80 and includes the Cheer Top, Cheer Skort, T-Shirt, Pom Poms, and Megaphone.  Cheer is open for girls Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Cheer squads will cheer at their peers basketball games.

PRACTICES – Every team has one practice per week for one hour.  Practices are held at Walnut Creek Windsor Heights (900 64th St) or Walnut Creek Downtown (323 East Locust St).  Practices are held Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6-7pm or 7-8pm.  When you attend one of the scheduled sign-ups, you will fill out a practice availability form, informing us which days and times your daughter can practice.  We do our best to accommodate busy schedules.

GAMES – Each team will have 8 games, starting on Saturday, January 13.  Games are on Saturdays and last approximately 60 minutes.  The Kindergarten and 1st-2nd grade divisions have their games at the Walnut Creek Church Gym (900 64th St.), while the 3rd – 4th, and 5th – 6th grade divisions will have their games at the Walnut Creek Church Downtown Gym (323 E Locust St).  Starting with player introductions to the final horn, each game day is full of fun and excitement.

Cheer Clinic!

This year’s cheer clinic will be held on Saturday, January 6 from 9am-11am at Walnut Creek Church (900 64th St, Windsor Heights). The annual cheer clinic is designed for cheerleaders to further their cheer skills, get to know their teammates and coaches and have some great girl time. The cheer clinic is included in the registration fee.

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