The basketball season begins in January, and concludes in the middle of March. Registration opens in October. Practices for the 18-19 season begin the week of January 7, with the first games on Saturday, January 12. The registration cost is $60 and includes a t-shirt, shorts, and reversible jersey. There are separate boys and girls divisions starting at age 5 through 8th grade. The kindergarten division is co-ed.


Every team has one practice per week for one hour. Practices are held at local elementary schools and Walnut Creek Church (900 64th St, Windsor Heights) and Walnut Creek Church Downtown (323 E Locust, Des Moines). It is our goal that your child’s team’s practice location is near your home. Practices are held Monday through Friday, starting as early as 4:30pm. During the registration process, you will fill out a practice availability form, informing us which days and times your child is able to practice. We do our best to accommodate busy schedules.


Each team will have 8 games (besides Kindergarten that will have 7 games), starting on Saturday, January 12. Games are played on Saturdays and last approximately 60 minutes. The Kindergarten and 1st-2nd grade divisions play their games at the Walnut Creek Church Gym (900 64th St), while the 3rd – 4th, 5th – 6th grade, and the 7th – 8th grade divisions play their games at Merrill Middle School (5301 Grand Ave) and the Walnut Creek Church Downtown Gym (323 E Locust St). Starting with player introductions to the final horn, each game day is full of fun and excitement.

game format

There are two 20 minute halves, with a continuous clock. The clock will be stopped the last 1 minute of the 2nd half. Predetermined player substitutions occur every 5 minutes. Man to man defense must be played at all times. There is no zone defense or full court defense allowed. A full list of rules can be provided upon request.

basketball skill assessment schedule 2018-2019

Everyone must attend one basketball skill assessment. All skill assessments take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. They will take place as follows:

skill assessments schedule

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